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The Japanese handmade optical glasses brand "Mian*めんBROOKLYN"® was born under the collision of aesthetics and handmade inspiration. The brand was born in Jingjiang, Japan, by Hisaku Yamamura, a craftsman in the field of optical optics who insists on handmade craftsmanship. "Cotton" implants the concept of "craftsman's mirror" and post-Japanese aesthetics into the brand.
"Cotton": Warm, comfortable, and reassuring. The brand was born out of pure craftsman spirit. Japan is the leader in the handmade glasses industry in the world. Hisakusaku Yamamura, a craftsman in the optical field of glasses in Japan, has kept his ingenuity, insisted on inheriting and improving handmade technology, and focused on The selection of materials is made of top-quality cotton—Sanzong material from Japan, Mazzucchelli from Italy, and titanium alloy from Japan, which are warm and lustrous while ensuring the comfort and stability of the frame.
Acetate fiber extracted from cotton is known for its hypoallergenicity, plus the most important temperature control of handmade, "cotton" can always give people a comfortable feeling and a clean state. Such a comfortable and light material can Let people get rid of the burden of traditional glasses. "Cotton" removes too many decorations and flashy designs on the appearance, and uses many abstract impressions and concepts in the design of glasses. "Cotton" was born to improve the aesthetics of myopia, continuing the classic style and craftsman's handmade The integration of craftsmanship into contemporary aesthetics has created the unique post-Japanese aesthetics of "cotton"; "Cotton" Japanese handcraft, top high-end materials, carefully carved handwork, free and restrained design, light and comfortable experience, the brand concept of "craftsman's mirror", holding "craftsman's temperature, craftsman's handicraft, ingenuity precipitation" The firm concept of , unrestrained and wanton, lifelong romance, will eventually create a generation of classics.